To the Chelan Voters:

We want to give a “shout out” for school board candidate, Barb Polley.  We know her both personally and professionally.  You could not have a better participant on the school board.  She is an advocate for all students, wanting the best educational possible for each and every one.  Her many years of teaching students whose English is their second language makes her an advocate for the Spanish speaking community.  We honestly believe that she is one of the reasons our Hispanic students have succeeded so well in our town.

Barb was appointed to her present position on the school boaard last May when she applied to finsih the term of another member.  She already has experience under her belt and knows the issues the board is facing.
Please, for the sake of our students and our community, vote for Barb Polley.
Jane Lloyd, Chelan 
Jeanne Pusey, Chelan


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