Concerned about Campbells's project on W. Okanogan Avenue

My husband and I acknowledge and support Campbell’s right to build on their property at 3rd and Okanogan.  We have hoped the 1.12 acres would be sold to an LLC for creation of high-density, moderately priced housing or sold to the City and somehow segued into Riverwalk Park for tourist and locals’ enjoyment. There could be picnic tables, stairs to Riverwalk path, a beautiful spot from which to watch lake traffic, fireworks and sunsets; and limited off-street parking for downtown shopping as well.
That having been said…. We realize that the most likely scenario will be a Campbells’ Resort Annex of some sort.  Our contention rests with its size and inherent problems.
We have lived at 300 S. 3rd, #4, on the corner of 3rd and Okanogan for 20 years.  From this “perch” we see deer, raccoons, quail, owls, Bald Eagles and other bird species.  We understand that (regardless of how this property is used) there will be a permanent and understandable “cannot be helped” displacement of these animals.  Our concern is for their safety, in transit, as per the increase in traffic density.
Regarding traffic safety in general, we are very concerned about the issue, as it affects humans: congestion, noise, CO2 emissions, mishaps, parking overflow, headlights and litter. To our knowledge, there is no resort of any consequential size, located within any Chelan residential neighborhood.  Some resorts are located on neighborhood peripheries, but none within.  All Chelan resorts are built directly on major thoroughfares or accessed from same.  Ours is a quiet, historical neighborhood, accessed via three “dead-end”, 2 block-length streets.  Our “neighborhood action committee” has ideas as to how to mitigate problems, insure traffic safety and flow, but these ideas would not be feasible for a project this size.  To our knowledge and to date, a Traffic Impact Assessment has not been done.  Please feel free to turn north off Webster Avenue onto 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, to realize the impact that this *proposed development will have on our small neighborhood.
 Our hope is for Campbells’ to go about their business with continued success; with as much of “an eye and a heart” toward the locals as they put toward their expansion.  The proposed project*, and its proposed density, in a small neighborhood, will not reflect care or consideration for the locals in Chelan.
We Chelan locals, appreciate and support our Tourist Industry.  Our assumption has always been that the Industry will care about us.

*comprised of 4 large buildings. (each 3 stories high), 2- and 3-bedroom units, pool, office, plus 41 parking spaces and retaining walls.

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