Enjoys added national news

Dear Publisher Forhan:
For the past several weeks, I have enjoyed the added national news coverage in my Chelan Mirror. First, it is well written, seemingly free of the political bias found in the other newspapers, and absent the “woke” orientation of the Seattle Times.
After earning a journalism degree and spending my professional career in the communications field, I can certainly tell the difference from honest, straightforward reporting, news analysis, political commentary and out-and-out propaganda. Most television news, both on cable and on the mainstream broadcast networks, fall into the last categories. This is such rampant, political blather that now I don’t tune in — reflecting the recent collapse of TV news ratings on nearly all channels. Americans can discern the reporting differences as well — rejecting it all.
This leaves local radio and local newspapers to step up to the news challenge. Thank you for forging an alliance with the Epoch Times. Yes, it is privately funded and covers topics that the mainstream media, including the Seattle Times and New York Times, fail to cover. I seriously doubt either paper would report on the 180,000 illegal immigrants that the Biden administration is trying to hide. Or, that the recent jump in inflation — the most in 18 years — will hurt all Americans with higher prices and reduced spending power. These are issues and topics that all people should know.
To quote the June 16 issue of the Mirror, “It’s important for us, or even imperative, to teach students how to think, not specifically what to think.” That goes for the readers of community newspapers as well.

Terry J. LaBrue, APR
 LaBrue Communications


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