How would other presidents have acted?

With the events of January 6, I’m curious as to how other presidents would have acted in this position? Trump actually lead the mob of people to storm the Capitol. If it was in earlier times they would not let him get away with it and he would be sent to prison right away. I bet you 100/1 it was all an act to get more people on his side.
The second point. The rigged election. Inslee had his speech ready just minutes after the votes were counted. Inslee had been on a power trip for a while and it’s effected a lot of us. I’ve been disabled and living in supported living since 2012. Because of Inslee’s cutbacks I’ve had to work even when I have a severe panic disorder. I also have a brain injury. How is that right for someone like me to have to hold down a job when I can’t even take care of myself?? 
Also one of the men that died in the riot on January 6 was a military vet. He probably won’t even get recognized as being a vet because of the circumstances of his death, which is a shame.
I’ve done many things myself for our country and not expected anything in return.
Amy Foster


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