Improved care, support for those with Alzehimer’s approved


I appreciate that in all its understandable focus on the COVID-19 virus, Congress did not lose sight of the need to improve care and support for people with Alzheimer’s and other dementia.

I am grateful that Congressman Dan Newhouse responded to Alzheimer’s Association advocates who urged his support of a bill to let area agencies on aging give services to those with younger onset Alzheimer’s and that he worked successfully to pass it into law.

Approximately 5% of the more than five million Americans living today with Alzheimer’s have younger onset. Until now, these folks have been ineligible to receive vital Older Americans Act help like nutritional programs, in-home services, transportation, legal services, elder-abuse prevention and caregiver support.

This issue is important to me because I lost my father to Alzheimer’s in 2016 and I know the heavy burden that all families carry when dealing with a loved one with this disease.

All our members of Congress should continue to actively support policies that address Alzheimer’s disease as the national public health crisis it is.


Valerie Halvorson


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