Mirror reader dislikes Bégin ‘PUD’ column

Dear Mr. Begin:
In your 12/30/20 LCM column, you say you’re a big fan of Chelan County Public Utility District (and you say you’ve never been a member of the Communist Party).
As an LCM reader for most of my 79 years (born and raised in Manson, college at WSU,  and a CPA in Spokane ever since), and a reader of your column for several years, I’m shocked that you don’t recognize that PUDs are pure SOCIALISM (“government ownership and control of the means of production and distribution of goods”).  Incidentally, our major Spokane-area electricity provider is a for-profit corporation owned by thousands of widows, orphans, and other individual stockholders, and we also pay low rates.
If I recall correctly, you regularly rail against Democrats and RINOs for favoring socialist policies, although you never state which industries they propose to nationalize (the  answer being:  NONE; not even self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders proposes nationalizations, even under his Medicare for All, doctor groups, hospitals, Rx manufacturers, drugstores, etc. would still be privately owned.)  U S military medical care is socialist, of course, with all relevant personnel employed by the government.
My point is that charges of “socialism” by Trump and many Republicans is so much nonsense.
And further, neither Trump nor his followers nor Gary Begin propose to privatize the few examples of socialism (PUDs, military medical, etc) we presently have in the United States.
You’re not a nut or a Communist because you support these socialist policies, though one can debate whether they are the best approaches.
Incidentally, I’m a lifelong Republican, active in the local party and in dozens of Republican campaigns over the decades, Ronald Reagan delegate to the Republican National  Convention (along with Earl Tilly of Wenatchee), etc.  However, I am NOT a Trumpster and I disapprove of his demonizing so many decent Americans, encouraging fear and hatred and division among us, trashing American traditions and institutions and most of the policies the GOP supported for decades before Trump, and disregarding experienced experts on public health and all manor of other issues affecting the  welfare of the nation.
As a writer, you know that words have consequences, for good and for ill.  I suggest you set your columns aside for a day before publications, then review them and edit out extreme/hurtful/questionable/divisive words and ideas.  American “elites” such  as yourself need to talk and write much more about all the things that unite us,  the things we still have in common.
Happy New Year!
Don Peters, Spokane 

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