Reader wants John Olson on City Council


Change Chelan even more than what has already occurred. The top three priorities that the City was asked to address in the Comprehensive Plan Update was to protect the quality of the Lake, protect the view of the Chelan Butte, and keep the small town community feel. I am concerned that those three things aren’t being stressed enough lately. John Olson is running for one of the City Council positions that has become available. John has been attending all the City Council and City Planning meetings for years, and that is where I got a better understanding of who he is because of the issues he stood up for. I have attended some of the City Council meetings where John has gotten up to comment to the Council, and he has always been professional and well informed. His years of commitment to attending all the difrent meetings demonstrates to me he cares about where Chelan is headed, and the experience and knowledge he has gained will truly be an asset. Although he is an active volunteer for the Chelan Senior Center and their Reruns store, I believe John would dedicate a lot of his time to the position of a City Council member. I think he truly cares and wants to take an active role in how Chelan will and should move forward. Let’s work together to keep Chelan the community that drew us and keeps us here! Please vote for  John Olson.


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