State Legislature shame

So our local school district in Manson has taken advantage of an option made available to them by our wonderful State Legislature called  “Limited General Obligation Bond’’, in which the District can float a loan with a local bank. No vote by the tax payer’s.
This loan is in the amount of $550,000 plus interest. Let’s not forget that to go into a partnership with another public entity, and purchase an undeveloped parcel of land. No vote by the taxpayer’s within the district, they just borrow money, and are going to shell out $43,770.00 annually of tax payer money to pay off this loan. No new taxes, however, that is tax payer money. So, I will refer to my previous Letter to Editor a couple of weeks ago. We the tax payer’s within the Manson School District are paying way to much in taxes to the local district, if they can afford to cough up $43,770.00 from their budget annually for the next 15 years to enter into this partnership with another public entity to purchase this undeveloped parcel of property.
Tax payer’s don’t forget that a some point down the road, will come a decision on the development of that property. So what will both entities be asking for then? Of course, it will be money.
Tax payer’s of both entities beware of what is coming, and think long, and hard on how you will vote. However, you may not have the opportunity to vote, thanks to our liberal legislature’s past action’s.

Brian Strausbaugh
Fixed income property owner, and property tax payer in Manson

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