Vote yes on Link Prop 1

I am now in my second 3-year term on the Board of Directors for the Chelan County Housing Authority. I attend once a month meetings in Wenatchee. My most pleasurable method of transportation is a ride on the Link bus. As a senior, I pay $1.25 to ride from the Lake Chelan Valley to Wenatchee, and the same for the return trip. Driving my car would cost much more.

On the Link bus I read Housing Authority reports and financial statements which I will need to approve, then I sit back with the morning newspaper and the crossword puzzle which experts tell me will help stave off the onset of Alzheimer’s. Sometimes I reflect on what color blue the Columbia River will be today, how many Wenatchee Valley College tech center students will be on the bus, or how many Stemilt or clinic workers will be on board.

Some dark, gloomy winter days, I hop on the Link bus just to go to Wenatchee to window shop, go to lunch, then take in a matinee movie. It’s a welcome winter break at times.

Now we are asked to vote on Link Proposition 1, which is on the ballot voters recently received in the mail. An improved and expanded public transportation service like the Link bus system will offer local residents an opportunity to help alleviate the snarl of traffic in the Lake Chelan Valley and Highway 97A. The cost will be minimal, and help students, agricultural workers, service personnel and others who must live where rents are cheaper, but commute to their jobs. Vote yes!

Vicki Olson Carr


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