Washington animal shelters need our help during COVID-19 crisis

Like animal shelters across the country, Washington shelters need our help during the COVID-19 crisis. Staffing shortages, an increase in surrendered animals, a slowdown in adoptions and government shutdowns are all taking their toll. If your employer has asked you to work from home, now is a perfect time to foster a shelter animal. You’ll dramatically improve their lives, they’ll bring joy to yours, and you’ll open space at the shelter.  You can contact the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society at  Wenatchee Valley Humane Society to foster or donate.  If you are not local to the Wenatchee area you can go to: Petco Foundation - Shelters to find shelters near you.  
 The CDC has confirmed that companion animals cannot spread the virus, so it’s perfectly safe to cuddle your pets and fosters. Kittens provide entertainment and fun for children and their interaction with humans makes them more likely to be adopted when they return to the shelter. Dogs love to get out on walks a couple times a day which will ensure fresh air and exercise for you; a win/win. So, please open your heart and your home to just one pet for the next week or month. Our response to this crisis will decide whether animals are euthanized or saved. If fostering isn’t an option, please consider making a donation to your local shelter, to ensure they can find forever homes for each and every animal surrendered into their shelter.

Peri Gallucci

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