SLI group hears committee reports

Next meeting June 21

The Senior Living Initiative Steering Committee met on Wednesday, April 19, 5-6:30 p.m. at the Chelan PUD Meeting Room, Woodin Ave, Chelan
Vision: Build a Pathway of Senior Living and Care in the Chelan Valley
Amanda Ballou welcomed the group and briefly described the formation of two Task Forces, following the Senior Living Summit in September 2016, to act on the recommendations made in the final report.
Tender Loving Care (TLC)/Committee Report—Kathy Miller confirmed the task force name has been selected—Tender Loving Care for Seniors. She explained that this name highlights the most important part of the program, which is the visiting.  This social and relationship aspect contributes to quality of life for seniors who live alone.  Safety is another important benefit, as the volunteers who visit can do an “eyes on” check of how the individual is doing and assess safety considerations.   Small repairs like shower grab bars may be arranged.  
A budget has been developed, including a part-time paid Coordinator, who will recruit, train  and supervise about 30 volunteers to serve 30 seniors on an on-going basis. Contributions may be made to the Lake Chelan Community Services Council, P.O. Box 691, Manson, WA 98831, and designated for the “TLC Program” on the memo line.
Michelle Jerome added that another related program has been started with Lake Chelan Lutheran Church as the fiscal sponsor.  The intent is to serve the entire community, not simply the congregation of the fiscal sponsor.  A faith community nurse will visit frail adults who are not otherwise served by existing programs and services.  There will also be a preventive health component.  This program will be grant and donation funded.
The TLC group meet Thursday, May 4, at 5-6:30 p.m. at the Chelan PUD building.
Campus Task Force Report – John Olson, task force member, described his background in real estate and personal connection to SLI.  He noted the focus on planning for future growth driving many community efforts such as the City’s Comprehensive Plan and the new hospital as a context for the work that has been going on to expand the choices for seniors through the Senior Living Initiative.  He also referred to growing pressure on land in the Chelan Valley as a trend.
Cautioning against disclosure of the locations, John posted a list of properties on the wall.  This list compiled suggestions by realtors, community leaders, the development committee, SLI steering committee, and Heritage Heights’ board members.  John emphasized that the owners of these properties had not yet been approached, hence the need for confidentiality.  He requested that the press members present respect this concern.
Following a brief description of the properties on the list and review of the criteria in the Site Selection booklet prepared by architect John Shoesmith, John invited those in attendance to place green stickers next to their top three choices.  A quick tally at the end revealed general consensus on three or four of the properties identified.
The next step was to communicate these recommendations to Heritage Heights’ board in their May 9 meeting.
SLI Website and updates - Jerry Jackson reviewed the website with the group, commenting that there has not been as much information contributed by the SLI community for content on the site as he had hoped.  There was some discussion of collaboration with Chelan Valley Hope to update the directories.  Amanda mentioned that Heritage Heights had paid the domain and hosting fees for this year, as fiscal sponsor.  She asked if the group wanted to sell advertising on the site to offset the charges.  The group did not favor this activity, but did decide to leave the existing ads from Heritage Heights and Aging & Adult Care on the site.  Two members made personal donations to help with the cost.
Two suggestions were raised.  One was to measure traffic on the site to find out how relevant it is.  Another was to include a mechanism for donations.
The next Senior Living Initiative meeting is June 21, , 5  p.m.  Chelan PUD Meeting Room on Woodin Avenue.

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