Apple Cup Café celebrates 21 years of selflessness

Community diner brings Thanksgiving to its community members

Kevin Monje completes a plate and sets in next to another to be served.

Pam Calhoun squeezes whipped cream on top the variety of pie slices offered as dessert.

The bar top was lined with a variety of pie slices, including apple and pumpkin.

Ryan Peterson (left) and father and Café Owner Larry Peterson, stand inside the waiting area, just behind a donation box for items to be given to the food bank. Ryan and Larry were both hard at work in the back and front of the restaurant during the rush.

Kassandra Macias expedites a plate to be served.

Apple Cup Café served the community for the 21st annual Thanksgiving dinner, Thursday, Nov. 23. The dinner included turkey, corn, mashed potatoes and gravy, a dinner roll, yams, and pie.

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