Chelan County fire hazard rating raised to ‘extreme’

Extreme fire restrictions are now in place throughout the County

WENTCHEE - Chelan County commissioners today (July 19) raised the fire hazard level to “extreme” – the highest level of restriction allowed by county code. The fire hazard level was set to extreme in both the Valley and Chelan Mountain zones.

With the current dry conditions in the county, the extreme fire hazard level may not come down until September, warned Chelan County Fire Marshal Bob Plumb.

“The ongoing Red Apple Fire is an in-your-face reminder of the conditions that exist throughout Chelan County,” Plumb said. The Red Apple Fire, which is nearly contained, started July 13 near Monitor and is at 12,288 acres.

Chelan County Public Works crews are working to install nearly 70 signs around the county indicating the extreme conditions. Under the extreme level, temporary barricades also are placed at 17 county roads for added emphasis and public awareness. The barricades do not mean a road is closed; they are typically placed on roads that lead to U.S. Forest Service roads.

“The barricades are meant to give people a heightened awareness that where they are going may become dangerous very quickly if a wildfire should occur,” Plumb said.

Other area activity and road travel restrictions include:

  • No operation of any motor vehicles off the road
  • No fireworks
  • No outdoor fires or outdoor open flame devices
  • Use of charcoal briquettes is prohibited unless used in a commercially made and listed barbeque at the owner’s personal residence

Watch the Chelan County website at for any updates or road closures due to wildfires. The website also has the Chelan County code (Chapter 7.52) and the resolution signed today by the Board of County Commissioners.



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