City Wave USA moves to testing phase as Lakeside Surf nears completion at Slidewaters

Courtesy Lakeside Surf plans to welcome surfers from April through October.
CHELAN - The world’s largest standing wave saw its first official surfers when owners Burke and Robert Bordner dropped in on the wave in early August. Seven years after first connecting with the inventor of citywave, Rainer Klimaschewski and CEO of the German wave pool manufacturing company, the Bordner’s were enjoying the fruits of their labor.
“It was such a monumental moment to be on the wave with Robert,” Burke Bordner said. “The project has stretched us in every conceivable way and to get to the point of surfing was a testament to God’s faithfulness and the value of perseverance.”
The project has dealt with its share of setbacks, the most dramatic coming this summer with COVID-19 wiping out the 2020 season. But now that testing is underway the only wipe outs are from smiling surfers who have gotten the privilege to be one of the first surfers in the world to experience a 16-meter wide standing wave.
“The only way to really appreciate the size of this wave is to see it first hand,” Robert Bordner said. “We expect surfers from around the world to be blown away not only by the width of the wave, but also the quality. The guys from citywave have taken their already fantastic product to a new level with our installation.”   
Lakeside Surf, the surf park facility that holds the world record citywave USA, continues to catch up for time lost due to COVID-19 and plans to be ready for full operation coming out of winter in 2021. Surf memberships for the 2021 season will be available for booking starting in September. Surf sessions can be booked up to six weeks in advance. Lakeside Surf plans to open for the 2021 season in April. Interested surfers can visit for more information or to purchase a surf session or membership.
Lakeside Surf, home of citywave USA is a standalone surf park adjacent to Slidewaters Waterpark. During Slidewaters operational season, Lakeside Surf will operate in conjunction with the waterpark; however, surfing opportunities will exist outside the waterpark’s operations. Surf sessions will be available before, during and after Slidewaters operational hours. In addition, Lakeside Surf plans to welcome surfers from April through October, whereas Slidewaters is only open Memorial Day to Labor Day. Lakeside Surf will also have its own retail surf shop and food & beverage options for guests.
Follow project progress on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram or visit Video footage of August testing can be seen here;


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