COVID-19 situation will improve, none of us is alone in being affected by it

The COVID-19 outbreak has led to unprecedented changes in the way we live our lives.  As a result of social distancing and stay at home directives to prevent exposure to the virus, people can feel alone and isolated.  The outbreak has generated great stress and uncertainty.   Struggles with job loss, finances and separation from important others are just a few of the challenges.  It is a situation that has led people to become more worried, anxious, and irritable than usual.  Such feelings are normal and expected in a situation like this.  

The question, however, becomes what to do about it?  
The good news is that there are positive steps one can take to better manage the stress that has resulted from all of this.  For instance: 
• Limit the amount of time spent watching the news and find reliable sources of information about the pandemic  
• Become aware of how the stress is affecting you – both physically, emotionally, and behaviorally – and then do something about it.  For example, if you are at home, plan for the day and follow it rather than sit and fret about what might happen in the future
• Do what you can on any given day to manage finances and then let go of financial worry until the next day 
• Take care of your physical health by getting enough sleep, eating well, and getting some exercise  
• Keep in touch with friends and family by phone or computer
 There is certainly more to do to take care of yourself while waiting for the impacts of the virus to lessen, but  try to keep in mind that the situation will improve and none of us is alone in being affected by it. 

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