CVCH hosts grand opening celebration of their newest care center

CVCH Chelan Manager Manuel Navarro (far left), CVCH Board Member Rich Watson (far right), and CVCH staff cut the ribbon in unison, officially opening the clinic.

CVCH staff members stand near the entrance way of the new care center, listening as speeches final speeches concluded the ribbon cutting event of the celebration.

Senator Brad Hawkins joined in celebrating the grand opening of Columbia Valley Community Health’s (CVCH) new facility, Friday Oct. 20 in Chelan.

Congressman Dave Reichert spoke at the celebration, applauding the clinic’s hard work and design of the establishment.

CVCH CEO David Olson took a moment to congratulate and thank the clinic’s staff, as well as the community, stating “none of this would have been possible without you.”

Attendees gathered around the prepared lunch being served during the event.

Lake Chelan Community Hospital (LCCH) CEO Kevin Abel gave a brief speech on the accomplishments of CVCH and looking forward to the future that both the hospital and clinic will have together.

CVCH Chelan branch Manager Manuel Navarro (left) kicked off the Grand Opening, giving an overview of the obstacles overcome and accomplishments achieved that made the new facility possible. “The building had to reflect the high caliber of our staff, representing quality services and professional care,” he stated, “A new facility would allow us to serve our patients in the best way possible … today, our dream has come true.” State Representative and Lake Chelan Chamber President Mike Steele (right) also partook in the afternoon’s celebratory events, voicing his excitement and appreciation on the newest structure to Lake Chelan.

The CVCH parking lot, Pinata Drive and parts of S. Apple Blossom Drive had cars lined along the streets during the Grand Opening Event.

CHELAN – Columbia Valley Community Health (CVCH) celebrated the completion of their new facility located at 105 S. Apple Blossom Drive in Chelan, Friday Oct. 20. The Grand Opening offered tours around the new establishment, lunch and special guest speakers, including State Representative and Lake Chelan Chamber President Mike Steele, Congressman Dave Reichert, Lake Chelan Community Hospital (LCCHC) CEO Kevin Abel, CVCH Board Member Rich Watson and CVCH CEO David Olson.
The Chelan clinic is the eighth care center location, and the build of the $11 million new facility was financially possible because of clinic savings, a grant and a $1 million federal grant with the help of Congressman Reichert.
During the ribbon cutting portion of the event, CVCH CEO David Olson stated that these funds were available because of the high level of care provided by staff, and expressed the gratitude he holds for each individual employee in their dedication.

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