Hessburg, Burnett lead in commissioner, sheriff races

WENATCHEE - These are the Chelan County Primary Election results as of Friday, August 4. A count was also to be release on Monday, August 8. Voter turnout was 42.13%. The election will be certified on August 16.
For Statewide Election results in major races go to: https://results.vote.wa.gov/results/20220802/default.htm

The top two vote getters are listed.
United States U.S. Senator
*Multi-county race. Results include only Chelan County.
Candidate                                                                                      Vote       Vote %
Tiffany Smiley
(Prefers Republican Party)                                                          9,981         47.71%

Patty Murray
(Prefers Democratic Party)                                                          8,490         40.58%

Congressional District 8 U.S. Representative
*Multi-county race. Results include only Chelan County.
Kim Schrier
(Prefers Democratic Party)                                                          8,728          41.93%

Jesse Jensen
(Prefers Republican Party)                                                          4,548        21.85%
State Executive
Washington State Secretary of State
*Multi-county race. Results include only Chelan County.
Bob Hagglund
(Prefers Republican Party)                             4,309        21.95%

Steve Hobbs
(Prefers Democratic Party)                          6,021         30.67%

Legislative District 12 State Representative Pos. 1
*Multi-county race. Results include only Chelan County.
Keith W. Goehner
(Prefers Republican Party)                                                         14,062         96.03%

Legislative District 12 State Representative Pos. 2
*Multi-county race. Results include only Chelan County.
Robert K Amenn
(Prefers Republican Party)                                1,417      8.91%
Mike Steele
(Prefers Republican Party)                                14,074    88.46%

Chelan County Assessor
Deanna C Walter
(Prefers Republican Party)                                                           13,682     97.31%

Chelan County Clerk
Sandra Arechiga
(Prefers Independent Party)                                                         8,908          47.09%
Marty (Martin) Young
(Prefers Republican Party)                                                           6,112         32.31%

Chelan County Commissioners District No. 2
Anne Hessburg
(Prefers Independent Party)                                                        3,901          46.75%
Shon D. Smith
(Prefers Republican Party)                                                          3,583        42.94%

Chelan County Coroner
Wayne E. Harris
(Prefers Republican Party)                                                         13,851            98.3%

Chelan County Prosecuting Attorney
Robert W. Sealby
(Prefers Republican Party)                       13,439          97.83%

Chelan County Sheriff
Mike Morrison
(Prefers Republican Party)                                                           8,432         44.47%
Brian Burnett
(Prefers Republican Party)      10,364    54.65%
Chelan County Treasurer
David E Griffiths
(Prefers Republican Party)                                                          13,272          97.88%

129 Precinct Committee Officer - Democratic
Susan G Butruille                                         68          69.39%
Celeste April Peterson                                                                        30       30.61%

154 Precinct Committee Officer - Republican
Patti Tyrrell                                             164          75.58%
Jovon R Genereux Thompson                                                           53          24.42%

174 Precinct Committee Officer - Democratic
George-Thomas Rohrich                                                                   17          23.29%
Judy Phelps                                                                                       56          76.71

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