Lake Chelan Rotary ShineOn Scholarship Fund seeking donations

Prizes for Top Three Donors who donate by April 29
Happy Birthday Dean! May you continue to ShineOn!


CHELAN - The Allen Family, Lake Chelan Rotary Club and ShineOn Scholarship Committee want to thank you for your continued support over the past 6 years.  Yes, can you believe it?  January 23, 2021 marked the sixth year of Dean’s passing.  With your support, we have turned the incomprehensible into the unbelievable.

We have helped students celebrate overcoming adversity and hardships that include bravery and courage to report a family member who was sexually assaulting their sister; facing a severe eating disorder and having the number one goal of beating it; surviving the murder of a brother; having health conditions that resulted in being isolated, ostracized and bullied; having the desire to go to college when their family was against it, and so many more heart breaking and inspiring stories.  The ShineOn scholarships are making significant differences for children in our community who are facing challenges that most of us can never imagine. 

Many of you have shared our journey and watched us overcome our own personal tragedy.  You have witnessed and participated in the power of community coming together to help one another.  Although we did not get together in 2020, and will not again in 2021 for our ShineOn Gala, we have continued to award scholarships to deserving, courageous students.  Thanks to your generous contributions in the past, in 2020 the ShineOn Scholarship committee was able to recognize a total of 6 students in Manson and Chelan High Schools and awarded a total of $32,000.  The ShineOn Scholarship Fund is hoping to award a minimum of $32,000 to the Graduating Classes of 2021. To meet this goal, we need your support!

April 29, 2021 will be Dean’s 24th birthday.  Although he will not be with us to celebrate, he will be able to help us and many more to ShineOn.  As with every birthday, we can’t help but think back on his life and the many ways that he made us smile, while at the same time, irritated us beyond belief.  We also can’t help but wonder what he would be doing in his life today.  One thing, we know with certainty, his life was meant to make a difference.  We thank you for helping to make differences in our community and the lives of our students, in Dean’s name and memory. 

We are asking that you help us celebrate his birthday by making an impact on our local seniors.  We are asking for donations to the Lake Chelan Rotary ShineOn Scholarship Fund.  To make things a little more exciting and to give the spirit of a party, we have prizes for the top three donors ($500 minimum donation to qualify) who donate by April 29th.  While we accept donations year-round, the committee thought a little friendly competition would be fun!

1st Prize
Two cases of locally procured wine
A set of six Logo’d ShineOn Glasses
Option to attend the awards ceremony
2nd Prize
One case of locally procured wine
A set of four Logo’d ShineOn Glasses
3rd Prize
Six bottles of locally procured wine

A set of two Logo’d ShineOn Glasses

Donations can also be mailed to Lake Chelan Rotary at PO Box 601, Chelan, WA 98816
Please make checks payable to Lake Chelan Rotary with the memo ShineOn!

Donation’s post marked and/or received online by the April 29th, will be counted towards the prizes.

For more information about the scholarship please visit

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