CHELAN - Joining the world-wide manufactured wave craze, Slidewaters Waterpark will open the world’s largest and the first deep water stationary wave in the United States. The 52 ½ foot wide Citywave© can produce waves as high as 6 feet and can be surfed with standard ocean boards and fins. Slated to open to the public summer of 2019, Lakeside Surf is a stand-alone surf park that will operate both independently and in connection to the existing waterpark.

“From a operations stand point, we wanted to add the surf wave so that we could utilize it with Slidewaters but also way beyond Slidewaters’ operating hours and season,” minority owner Robert Bordner said. “Lakeside Surf will be able to operate before and after Slidewaters opens each day as well as earlier and later in the year. We envision being able to host surfers 9-months out of the year.”

Lakeside Surf’s extended operational season will give owners and cousins Burke and Robert Bordner the opportunity to impact the surf community with more open surf sessions, lessons, training sessions and competitions. They are also designing the surf wave and overall 2-acre expansion project to accommodate private parties, concerts, and tournaments. The multiple phase surf facility project has plans for sand volleyball, pickleball courts, a 2400 square foot wooden pier, private cabanas, two-story full bar, pizzeria, surf shop, and an auxiliary sports court.

“We wanted to add an attraction that engaged our guests in a new and challenging way,” principal owner and developer Burke Bordner said. “The surf wave will challenge surfers of all levels to get better. We are excited for the opportunities this amazing technology is going to create. We see potential to host world-class surfers, tournaments, Olympic training sessions as well as introduce North Central Washington to surfing.”

Created, designed and patented by Citywave© of Munich, Germany, this 16-meter wide, deep-water stationary wave is their first project in North America and will be known as CityWave, USA around the world.

Modeled after river surfing, the 3-5 feet of water depth and the strong water pressure and power of the wave create a surfing experience that enables uninhibited riding. Citywave© has received rave reviews from beginners to world-class surfers and offers a fully controllable and adjustable wave to create the best experience possible for everyone. A great compliment to the Bordners’ business mission, Citywave© offers more than just surfing as the flexibility of this wave allows for body surfing, boogie boarding, stand up paddle boarding, and river kayaking.

Lakeside Surf and Slidewaters Waterpark are located in North Central Washington on Lake Chelan. Slidewaters Waterpark has been a staple of the Chelan Valley since 1983 and the Bordners have owned and operated it since 2008.The park offers over 14 water attractions, concessions, retail and a competition sand volleyball court and this expansion plan will add more of each of those amenities. For more information about Lakeside Surf or Slidewaters please contact Robert Bordner at 425-830-8002 or

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