Reminder for orchardists, make sure road signs are visible

CHELAN/MANSON/ENTIAT - Spring Pruning Season: With pruning season underway, Chelan County reminds all orchardists to watch for fruit trees that make road signs less visible or obstruct a driver’s ability to see an approaching vehicle at an intersection.
Trees should be pruned back from road signs 3 to 5 feet. When pruning, take into consideration future growth of the trees as the growing season progresses. At intersections, trees should be pruned back to allow approaching motorists to see at least 80 feet ahead of them in both directions. This allows drivers to see approaching vehicles, bicyclists and pedestrians and to react in a timely, safe manner. We thank you for working with us to keep the public safe on our roadways.
The following is a list of regularly scheduled maintenance for Chelan County Public Works for the week of Feb. 3. Maintenance plans may change with weather conditions or equipment difficulties. Visit the Public Works website, where the weekly road maintenance information is regularly updated.
District 4 (Entiat)
The crew will be doing snow and ice control, including pushing snow berms back. The crew also will be checking stormwater culverts and cutting hanging brush along the roadway.
District 5
Crews will be doing snow and ice control as needed. The crew also will be repairing guardrail on Boyd Road. Watch for one-lane, flagger-controlled traffic in the work area, with minor traffic delays. The crew also will be doing guardrail maintenance in the Manson area, patching potholes district wide and cutting brush in the Manson area.

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