Drew Dover

Drew’s soul and energy passed over on September 3, 2019
Drew was born in Brooklyn, New York in the spring of of 1948 to his parents Harriet and Dan Dover, two wonderful people.  He grew up in the hills of Wachung, New Jersey with his three brothers David, Donald and Dean, and one sister Priscilla.
At the age of 19, during a dangerous time in our nation’s history, Drew joined the U.S. Army in the hopes of serving his country.  By age 21 he became a member of the elite Special Forces, earning his Green Beret in the rugged forests and muddy swamps of Fort Bragg, North Carolina.  He would go on to finish his training as a Combat Medic at Ft. Sam Houston, Texas where he met another soldier, Ave Maria.  For the next 50-years they served in the Army together, went to college together, worked as RN’s together, and had 5 beautiful children together.  From the villages and jungles of Vietnam to his last assignment at Brewster Hospital E.R., Drew took care of people with his skill, compassion and humor.
Drew’s love for his children was unconditional.  He taught his children well. He believed education was the key to freedom and helped make this world a better place.  Drew’s fruits of labor and love were none more evident than in his children.  How he loved the uniqueness of each child:
Young Drew, a research scientist at Children’s Hospital Seattle.  Kate, Master’s in Education, teacher on Vashon Island.  Libby, a Seattle Producer and Business Owner of Dover Entertainment.  John, writer and art department, Local 44, Los Angeles, UW grad ‘06.  Daniel, a combat medic (68 Whiskey) in Afghanistan and Kuwait, “A chip off the old block” as Drew would say; Dan was Drew’s constant buddy til the end.
“Papa!” leaves his wonderful grandchildren “Bink” Gabriel Rodenbaugh of Vashon Island and Addie Davidson also of Vashon Island.  Whether building his rock wall with Bink at his home in Chelan, or sailing with Addie on the waters of Puget Sound, time with his grandchildren was always a treasured and celebrated day in his life.
Drew loved all his son-in-laws: Justin Arreola of Seattle, Ben Davidson of Vashon Island and Shawn Rodenbaugh of Vashon Island.
Last but not least, Drew felt joy in his heart when he recently met John’s partner Kara Morgan of Los Angeles.  In a note of remembrance, Kara described Drew with this particularly fitting description:  ‘‘I was touched by his gentle, joyful spirit, and by the love you clearly have for each other.”

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