The proposed Lake Chelan School District bond issue is far reaching


Thanks to everyone that has asked questions, and offered your additional

insight and perspectives on the proposed LCSD bond issue. I offer the

following thoughts based upon those communications:


1. The proposed bond issue is far reaching; extremely far reaching. Simply,

the enrollments in the LCSD show virtually no growth, and projecting trends

are lower. Therefore, to add another new entire campus is not a need

whatsoever at this time. The existing buildings/grounds need some

additional maintenance attention and have received some upgrades with two

tax issues (that I am aware of) in the past 10 years. That debt was

structured short term to keep the LCSD debt free. That school board

philosophy seems to have recently changed.


2. If this bond issue passes, the board adopted resolution states that this

debt will not be retired for 21 years; as many of you have shared, if there

is another new campus, the maintenance and operations of an additional

campus will cost about the 30% more than today. That will be have to be

paid for each and every year in perpetuity. *Think about that; if the 1998

bond issue would have been successful (remember there were more students

being served in the LCSD 20 years ago than today), what would have been

those costs to the taxpayer for debt retirement and M&O....for the

immediate past 20 years?


3. Recently, while looking at real estate projects on the west side of the

state, I will share some insight on the Chimacum School District. It is a

beautiful area on the north Puget Sound, and highly impacted by a

retirement community population. The student enrollment has dropped over

20% (from over a 1000 students to now 805) in the past 4 years. They are

now faced with closing campuses and buildings that just are not needed. Do

not build buildings that are not needed.


4. Student enrollment growth drives needs for new classrooms and buildings;

it is that simple. Without student growth, maintain and update the

buildings/properties the best you can. Use existing funds and resources,

and when there is a need for some small projects, complete those in a

timely and least expensive manner.


5. I do understand some people’s desire to have new buildings and

facilities; just like a new home, they would be nice to have. But the key

question is; what is the true need? My opinion is to, again, make those

small improvements with exiting revenues, the net rents from the “Old HS”

facility, and if needed, some small capital improvement tax levies over

time, keeping the LCSD debt free.


Hopefully this short email addresses some of the input and insight over the

past 24 hours. As always, please feel free to share this information as you

wish with others. If you need more clarification, please do not hesitate to

ask. I have also attached documents that were sent yesterday, as some have

asked for those again.


Jim Busey



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