DNR Lifts Temporary Shooting Ban

OLYMPIA – Due to recent rainfall and decreasing risk of large wildfires, the Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has lifted its temporary ban on the lawful discharge of firearms.


The restriction, initially enacted Aug. 15, applied to state forests, community forests and other DNR-managed lands, temporarily banning the discharge of firearms for anyone engaged in activities other than lawful hunting. This restriction was put in place to minimize the number of fires started while the Pacific Northwest witnessed a devastating wildfire season.


"Closing off our lands to any kind of activity on our public lands, whether that is camping or target shooting due to wildfire risk, is a difficult decision to make. Now that conditions have improved in wildfire-prone areas, residents can get back out to target shoot where it is safe to do so,” said Brock Milliern, DNR’s Conservation and Recreation Division manager. "We are excited to welcome back all recreationists to our public lands, and we are grateful to recreational target shooters for doing their part in preventing wildfires this season.


Our focus on keeping our communities safe is not over, however. We expect all shooters to continue to put safety first while enjoying our public lands."


Shooters can review the guidelines set out in Washington’s Administrative Code (WAC) 332-52-145 for all the rules and regulations pertaining to discharging firearms on pub


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