Lake Chelan Ladies Golf Club Tee Time - July 15

July 15
In the heat of July, we have found a game within the game of golf. It’s called “sprinkler dodging” and it’s a delight to lose on a toasty-hot day. If you’re lucky, your partner will kink the sprinkler’s hose for you; sometimes you hurry to hit the ball between sprays and sometimes you get delightfully soaked. Here’s to cooler temps and dry clothes.
Twenty-five members and one guest turned out to play. New member, Chris Housh, was welcomed into the club. This week’s competition was Medal Play which is low gross and net of the field and low net by division.
Low gross of field: April Talley, 87.
Low net of field: Karen Erickson, 74.
Division 1:  First place, Chris Housh, 78. Second place, Kari Burrows, 81.
Division 2:  First place, Toni Berry, 76. Second place was a tie between Karen Holst and Sherry Fisk, 78.
Division 3:  First place, Julie Allison, 75. Second place, Nancy Parker, 76.
Jan Artim had two birdies on holes 2 and 15. Anne Minden had two birdies on holes 2 and 7. April Talley birdied hole 12.
Chip-ins were made by the birthday girl, Cindi Smith on hole 4, Debbie Honsberger hole 6 and Jane Storms hole 4.
This week is our Member/Member Tournament with an 8 a.m. tee time. Please check in by 7:30 a.m. If you are not signed up to play in the tournament, you will have to book your own tee time for that day.

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