Swimming for dollars

Top 1st place was James Adams with a time of 32:31. He is pictured with Viki Downey. Trinada Caro/LCM

James Adams arriving at Manson Bay Park after leaving Willow Point Park after 32:31 minutes in the water.

And they’re off! Seventy-three started their swim at Willow Point Park.

Swimmers head for the finish line.
Judy Phelps and Viki Downey, along with many amazing volunteers, held their 10th Annual Lake Chelan Swim on September 11 in Manson. The 73 registered swimmers kicked off their swim at Willow Point Park and ended a mile and a half down lake at Manson Bay Park. First to arrive was James Adams  with a time of 32:31.
Downey has been teaching proper method and swim safety for over 50 years. This event raises proceeds that directly go to fund subsidized swim lessons for those in the Valley. She explained that this last summer they were able to give over 450 kids swim and safety lessons.
This swim is not only for the locals. Participants came from Yakima, Omak and Tacoma to name a few cities.


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