Link Transit service to continue, all services are fare-free

WENATCHEE - According to the regions emergency plans, Link Transit is considered a critical life service that provides access to food, medicine, medical care and other essential services. Therefore, Link is planning and expected to continue providing service. The Link Board of Directors reconfirmed this at the March 17 board meeting. If Link has to curtail service due to lack of operators, they would reduce frequency of the routes and retain access to all of the communities they serve in order to preserve this critical access. So, even as ridership falls due to the various community shutdowns, they will continue to provide service so that all communities continue to have access to vital services.
Effective Thursday, March 19, all Link services are fare-free. This will remain in effect until further notice.
Link is encouraging people to follow the recommended protective measures from the Centers for Disease Control.
• Washing your hands frequently (for 20 seconds) or if unable to wash, using a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol
• Avoid touching your mouth and eyes
• Cover your cough and sneezes
• Stay away from people who are sick
• Stay home if you are sick
Should the CDC recommend additional practices to help promote public
safety, Link Transit will make adjustments at that time.

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