Chelan PUD crews are ready to respond if there are outages

Consider letting a cold-water faucet drip continuously when the weather is at its coldest.


WENATCHEE – Another round of snow and single-digit cold is headed our way. Chelan PUD wants customers to consider some ways to stay comfortable, manage energy use and protect water pipes from freezing.

·         Set your thermostat at 68 degrees, or at a temperature that’s comfortable for you.

·         Use your heating system’s “auto” setting; heat pumps are still efficient even at low temperatures.  

·         Check furnace filters and replace if dirty. A dirty furnace filter restricts warm air and makes your furnace work harder.

  • Close drapes in the evening and on overcast days to keep heat in. Make sure drapes don’t block heat registers.
  • On sunny days, open drapes on south-facing windows to catch the warmth of the sun.


If there is a concern about water pipes freezing:

  • Consider letting a cold-water faucet drip continuously when the weather is at its coldest.
  • Know the location of the water shut-off valve in your home. Check to make sure it works.
  • Open cupboard doors under sinks, especially where plumbing is in outside walls, to let interior heat warm the pipes.

If the power does go out, call us 24/7 at 877-783-8123 to report the outage and get updates. These tips can help keep you and your family safe, as well as help PUD crews safely restore service as quickly as possible:

  • Turn off all but one light – on the porch or inside where it can be seen from the street – so you and PUD crews know when power is restored.

·         Never use fuel-burning devices, like gasoline-powered generators, gasoline-powered pressure washers, camp stoves and lanterns, or charcoal grills inside, or in any confined space, or within 10 feet of windows, doors or other air intakes. Using these items in your home can produce carbon monoxide, which can be deadly.

  • Wait 10 minutes after power is restored before turning on the heat to ease the load on the system – our old friend “cold-load pickup.” 

DO NOT go near, touch or try to move any lines on the ground or trees tangled in them –stay far away!

If you plan to use a portable generator, make sure you plug appliances directly into the generator. Or, make sure your home is disconnected from the PUD’s electric system with a transfer switch installed by a licensed electrician. We have more information about back-up generators in the “Outage” section of under “If the lights go out.”

Find more tips on “weathering” a cold snap at

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