Chelan County Fair to hold Virtual Livestock auction Sept. 14-17

Editors Note: Chelan County Fair, the Virtual Auction will be September 14-17. Auction does not show yet. Link will be https://soldbybestbid.hibid.comPhotos of Chelan and Manson FFA students participating will be in next weeks Mirror on Sept. 9.
CHELAN - I know this year has not been what anyone could possibly have imagined when asked back in 2015 “Where do you see yourself in 5 years”. That being said, I know quarantine has not been easy on our community and our students. Understanding this, our local county fairs have still managed to find ways to help students, both 4-H and FFA, who took on the responsibilities and challenges that raising animals for fairs presents, especially this year. 
Students who raised lambs, goats, cattle, or pigs are able to sell through the fair this year as either an FFA (generally 9-12 graders) or 4-H member (students generally in grades 3-8, or 9-12 if not showing as an FFA member). The Lake Chelan and Manson School Districts have students who will be selling animals through the virtual livestock auctions. 
Our community businesses and members have been so overwhelmingly supportive of our students throughout the years. For that, we are immensely grateful. If you would like to help out any or all of these Chelan and Manson students, there are two main options to help support kids:
Option A) Buying: Since this year is all virtual, students will be selling their animals for a set price, rather than per pound as is the norm at a fair. This means if you buy a student’s pig for $800, that is what you are paying, whether the pig weighs 235 or 285 pounds. Upon purchase, you will choose what happens to the animal (turn, take home, processor, etc.). Feel free to ask any questions you might have, since this process is a bit more complicated.
Option B) Add-ons. For those new to fairs and their auctions, an add-on is like a tip you would give to a waiter at a restaurant. The nice thing is you can add-on as much as you would like to as many students as you would like. 


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