DePaoli, Chelan school superintendent fined by Public Disclosure Commission

HELAN - Lake Chelan School District (LCSD) Superintendent Barry DePaoli was fined $150 by the Public Disclosure Commission (PDC) as a penalty for using LCSD facilities to support a local bond measure, which violates PDC statutes.

The violations were in the form of emails sent to Robert Watson and Jerry Isenhart encouraging their support for Proposition No. 1, an April District bond measure, using his school district computer. In each email, Superintendent DePaoli stated, “I remain committed to this project and I have not given up on your vote,” and acknowledged that in part, his “desire” was to change Mr.Watson’s and Mr. Isenhart’s “positions or votes to support the bond measure.”

PDC completed the investigation after Jim Busey, former LCSD Superintendent, filed a complaint on April 10 against DePaoli. On June 26, PDC received an executed Statement of Understanding (SOU) signed by DePaoli, along with a $150 penalty payment.

DePaoli had no prior violations and was reminded about the importance of not using facilities of the Lake Chelan School District to support any bond measure should the district decide to place another bond measure on the ballot in the future.

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