Manson School District staff participate in active shooter training

District-wide drill Oct. 26
Manson School District will be conducting emergency exe cises on Friday, October 26. The purpose of these drills are to help students and staff prepare for possible emergencies. The district will send out a reminder text message to parents regarding this drill occurring. Please do not be alarmed if you observe emergency vehicles on our campus during this training.

MANSON - All Manson School District Staff recently participated in an ALICE (Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, Evacuate) training which better prepares school staff to more proactively handle the threat of an armed intruder or active shooter event. The training is a part of an overall “layered” approach to improving student safety in which many different proactive and real time responses are being added. 

“As violent attacks have evolved our approach on how to best protect our students and staff has changed” says Superintendent Matt Charlton. We are teaching staff and older students option-based tactics vs. the traditional lockdown only approach. We believe these strategies will give our staff the tools they need to keep our students as safe as possible.”

On Oct. 12 all staff were led through a series of training scenarios by two Manson staff members, Brad Soliday and Michelle Rogge who are ALICE Certified Instructors. Manson Elementary teacher Brandy Sampson shared “Upon completing the program, not only did I feel more empowered and knowledgeable, but also more confident about the safety all Manson staff can provide for our students.”

Chelan County Sheriff Deputy/Resource Officer Nigel Hunter assisted in the training as did community member (and former CCSD Deputy) Dale England. Charlton shared, “Dale England served on our safety committee and offered to help our District. He understands the importance of preparedness and training.”

 The District will next look to train students and put the recent staff training to the test with a district-wide drill on Oct. 26, 2018. Parents and the community will also be offered an opportunity to learn more about student safety improvements on Nov. 8 at a Manson Inc. parent night.

For more information about ALICE go to or call the Manson School District at (509) 687-3140,

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