Sunday, July 21, 2024

CBC initiates effort to assemble a financial, logistical framework for the public acquisition of 900 acres on Chelan Butte


CHELAN- The Chelan Basin Conservancy (CBC) has initiated an effort to assemble a financial and logistical framework for the public acquisition of 900 acres across the center of Chelan Butte in Chelan. Area residents may recall that a similar effort was made by former Chelan Mayor Mike Cooney in 2018, an effort that ultimately did not come to fruition.

This renewed effort will likely depend on support from the City of Chelan, Chelan County, the Chelan-Douglas Land Trust, the Trust for Public Land, and members of the public. CBC is optimistic that the current level of public desire for this to happen and the support of other key partners is such that this renewed effort can be successful.

The public acquisition of the Butte would serve to both preserve this iconic backdrop to the Lake Chelan Valley and prevent potential high-intensity development in the future. The majority of these 900 acres is zoned for Tourist Accommodations, which could hypothetically allow for up to about 800 short-term rental units, in addition to a significant residential subdivision.  The negative impacts to the Lake Chelan Valley from such development in terms of traffic, infrastructure, and use of Lake Chelan would be substantial.

People can learn more about this issue at the Preserve the Chelan Butte page on CBC’s website

Chelan Basin Conservancy has developed a petition to allow people to show their support for this effort. By getting a large number of people who live in, or visit, the Lake Chelan Valley to sign this petition, CBC can demonstrate that the public sees this as a high-priority issue. We believe that this show of support is essential to gain financial and/or logistical assistance from the City of Chelan, Chelan County, and local land trusts.

A link to this petition can be found on the home page of CBCs website (noted above). Please show your support by signing - thank you.



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