Sunday, July 21, 2024

Jaech Foundation awards $144,000 to Chelan Valley students


MANSON – Jeremy and Jacquelyn Jaech, through their Jaech Foundation, awarded scholarships totaling $144,000 to 37 Chelan Valley students at a dinner on Monday night. 

The  scholarships, which aim to support local students pursuing higher education, encompass  a range of educational paths, including community college, university, and trade school. 

The foundation has now supported three classes of students, extending assistance to high school graduates from 2022, 2023, and 2024. 

Jacquelyn Jaech, the foundation’s president, highlighted the challenging selection process. 

"We had so many strong  applicants this year, more than we could afford to fund. It was very hard for us to pick  our award recipients. There are many worthy students we could not fund." 

The list of award recipients includes Manson High School graduates Isabelle Harris, Brooks Pinski, Gabe Sivertson, Lily Narvaez, Marco Escoto, Michelle Zamudio Ramirez, Ella England, and Cameron Willoughby, Chelan High School graduates Angel Antonio Garcia, Ellie McLemore, Braden Vincent, Dreama Bahena, Anahi Barajas Oseguera, Josie  Garfoot, Troy Melton, Carlos Saucedo-Nunez, and Ben Brownfield, and Entiat graduate Trent Davis Renslow. 

Additionally, students completing their first year of post-secondary education and receiving scholarships for their second year include Greer Bainbridge, Ryan Allen, Kaylee Patino, MacKenzie Griggs, Jose Hurtado, Luke Simmons, Ben Ho, Pablo Mendez, Dawson Smith, Vanessa Sanchez, Nathaniel Katzer, Devan Regan, and Eli Willard. 

Second-year students who received funding for their third year are Teegan Silva, Julissa Diaz, Emely Valencia, Cara Hutton, and Katie Gosvener. 

Recipients were selected based on the anticipated impact of the award on their educational goals and the potential benefits to their families and communities. The foundation also considered academic performance, personal characteristics, and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Jeremy Jaech underscored their commitment to education and wellness. 

"Jacquelyn and I believe strongly in the value of education and wellness. In addition to introducing local children to the life-long sport of tennis at Harmony Meadows, we are pleased to be able to support these students in their higher education pursuits." 

The Jaech Foundation's support extends beyond scholarships. The couple operates Harmony Meadows Tennis Resort in Manson, envisioned as both an economic driver for the community and a hub for tennis and wellness programs. The resort has hosted the Manson High School Tennis Team and offers subsidized tennis programs to local students. 

Through these efforts, the Jaechs hope to foster a strong culture of education and physical activity in the Chelan Valley, creating lasting impacts on the community.


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