Fox News hypocrisy



Talk about the “Elephant in the room”! Unless you watch Fox news, just Fox news, and nothing but Fox news, you have no doubt heard about Bill O’Reilly’s sexual harassment lawsuit. Fox news stands mute on the subject, and especially their boy Bill. CNN, MSNBC, Local news and RT consider it to be newsworthy.


It even made it on Saturday Nite Live! I watch Mr. O’Reilly all the time. He and Fox news did not hesitate to call out Bill Cosby. Talk about hypocrisy!


How many times have I heard Mr. Bill call out the other news venues when they totally ignore or marginalize what he and Fox considers to be “breaking news”.


Mr. Bill always makes sure his audience knows he gives a lot to charity. My first treatment center pointed that out to be some kind of personality defect. Virtue being it’s own reward so to speak.


So one can only surmise that he and Fox gave his accusers millions of dollars because he felt sorry for them. The truly sad part is that his popularity and ratings will no doubt continue on. His “sheeple” will call anything they see, hear or read “Fake News”. They may even think the Fox show “outnumbered” refers to the one man, four women concept. Anyone who pays attention can plainly see it’s about four “Righties, (or Five”) and sometimes one “Leftie” Fair and Balanced? You tell me.


With Dennis Miller, Waters World and Gunfield and McGurik, I don’t know why Big Bad Bill isn’t on the comedy channel. It makes you wonder who is the “straight man” on the fours or why you can get dizzy watching the “No Spin Zone”.


Charlie Olinghouse


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