Outrageous and totally unacceptable.

Recently, City of Chelan Planning Commission member Myrt Griffith submitted her resignation from the commission due to relocating to Montana to be with family members.  Myrt had served the community well over a long period of time, with a record of standing up to special interest groups and those who would sell Chelan down the river.  The Mayor had the opportunity to keep a well-rounded commission and replace Myrt with a like-minded member … but he did not.
Today, the news has been released by Mayor Cooney that her position will be filled by Guy Evans with a history with the Lookout and the lead agent with the 284-unit Weidner apartment proposal.  There were other candidates with high qualifications, but this position went to yet another real estate agent/developer.  In fact, Guy recently put on a presentation to the Council on behalf of the Weidner Group, asking for a waiver on sewer & water hookup fees in the range of $3 million, to be paid by the community.  
This makes the 5-member commission dominated by 3 real estate agents and/or developers:  Joe Collins and Shari Dietrich being the other two pro development members.  A fourth member of the Commission is a direct employee of the Mayor, making for weak optics of independent thinking and decisions, in our opinion.
With the current city council and planning department (i.e., fast tracking on Holiday Hills for example), the way is now paved for ever more and larger development.  If you agree with “paving paradise” then you should be good with this.  If you want to keep the character and hometown feel of Chelan, you can’t be silent any longer.  It’s time to take a stand.

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