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I’m writing to convey my excitement and unequivocal support for Dr. Kim Schrier for Congressperson of Washington’s 8th Congressional District.
We consider ourselves extremely fortunate to have had her as our pediatrician for over ten years. Over the course of her campaign, listening to her debate, talking to her at socials, I have come to recognize that she is a multifaceted and extremely pragmatic candidate for congress. Not only is she a pediatrician, well versed in the issues and challenges families in our community struggle with, she is also very familiar with other challenges facing our country. Her undergraduate degree was in Astrophysics, and as mine was in Physics, I can testify that it lays the foundation for disciplined thought. The US Congress handles a broad spectrum of issues, ranging from the complexity of healthcare, farm and family policies, to the technical nuances of defense, space and the environment. Kim is a candidate who can work across this broad spectrum and, importantly, has the interpersonal skills to collaborate across the aisle.  As a candidate, she has demonstrated the same level-headedness, competency, and judgment as we have known in her practice. She is exactly who we need to help return Congress to being a functional organization, working for the constituents in our district and our core-values as a nation. I can think of no better candidate. Recently, another candidate in the 8th district, Shannon Hader, sent out mailers perpetuating a blatant lie that Kim was an “anti-vaccination” pediatrician. Ludicrous! Our children were vaccinated many times under Kim’s advice. As a third generation combat veteran, and a retired Naval Officer, I am disgusted by those in politics who lack integrity.
We need congress people like Kim Schrier. We already have too many like Shannon Hader.

Chris Severns
Sammamish, Wash.

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