Lakeside Surf project at Slidewaters to be delayed

CHELAN - In 2012, we added the Lazy River, sand volleyball court and upper pavilion and then turned our eyes on what was going to be next. It didn’t take long to realize that bringing a highly interactive, engaging surf attraction to Slidewaters was the way to go. After that easy decision things got difficult and we have had to plow forward through a myriad of challenges. We’ve battled through intense industry competition, lawsuits against our manufacturer, securing funding, multiple bad fire seasons, language and work differences with manufacturers, the need to make this attraction operational in the United States, design adjustments and testing for the manufactures largest project ever, local and state government hurdles, all on top of the standard construction hurdles that exist in a project of this nature and size. We missed our goal of opening last summer mainly due to delays in design and product delivery. We worked through the winter and accomplished a tremendous amount of work to be on track for a May or June opening this year, but were given another blow to our timeline last week. We received a custom order with a 2+ month lead time that was incorrect and unfixable; setting us back to a projected July or August opening for Lakeside Surf. We have been getting such great feedback and excitement as we close in on opening and no one is more frustrated by this delay than us. We thank you for your understanding that somethings are out of our control and we need to trust the One who is in control. Our wave will be nearly double the width of most places you can river surf, it is the first of its kind in the United States and it comes will unmatched scenery, views and atmosphere! We are sorry if your time in Chelan this year is isolated to the first half of the summer and you will potentially miss experiencing the wave, but we pray you have a tremendous experience in Chelan and at Slidewaters and hope to see you back soon for some sun, sliding and surfing.

In the midst of getting ready to open Slidewaters for the season and expanding our park by over 2 acres, we are trying to update the best we can with accurate information, so please keep an eye on all our social media accounts, our website and local news outlets. God Bless, have a nice day.

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