Young people consumed by left wing propaganda

Recently I allowed one of my reporters, Zach Johnson, to run an opinion column that probably shocked many of my readers. I did it because I believe it is vitally important that we address the misguided propaganda that is poisoning the minds of our young people. If you happened to miss the column it is available on our website under columnists in the opinion section,

Zach’s initial complaint is that our President has chosen to withdraw from the Paris Climate Change Accord putting the U.S. in the camp with Nicaragua and Syria. Zach’s right that these two countries have more pressing issues to address than climate change but that is irrelevant. The problem with being a true world leader is sometimes you have to stand up to collective stupidity. And make no mistake, the underlying assumptions driving climate change politics is an exercise in global mind control.

Before we all agree to surrender our individual freedom; before we all agree to reduce our quality of life; before we all agree to make life more difficult for the poor and disadvantaged don’t you think we should be sure the science is right?

The climate change fanatics want you to believe the science is settled. Their standard response is that the majority of scientists agree. That is not a scientific answer that is a political answer. Science is not subject to a vote.

Here are a few reasons to question the scientific “consensus.”

Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant. It is a necessary element for life on this planet. Plants need it to grow and in return they give off oxygen. We need oxygen to breath. There is ample scientific evidence that carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere have been much higher – long before the use of carbon based fuels by man.

Originally, those who pushed for regulation of carbon dioxide said it was a “green house gas” and the cause of global warming. They made forecasts that included rising sea levels, melting glaciers and numerous other calamities. When their climate change models failed to meet their projected climate catastrophes they didn’t question their science. They changed their political approach. In the process many of the proponents of the theory have been caught “cooking the books” to make the data support their hypothesis. That is not honest science. 

It seems scientists are just as susceptible to the temptations of the almighty dollar as the rest of us. Research requires money but when the money begins to dictate the science it is no less a problem than corporate money in politics.

Zach then goes on to decry the problem of too much corporate money in politics. His opinion degenerates to the standard liberal position of too much fossil fuel money buying politicians in order to continue destroying our environment to protect their profits. 

It is amazing to me that none of these idealists can see the potential conflict of interest created by entrusting government with full and complete control of their lives. Our founding fathers had no illusion in that regard.

Climate change/Global warming is a perfect opportunity for politicians to increase their power and influence. Our founding fathers were greatly concerned about the power of the government to seize control of every aspect of our lives. We should look at every scheme supported by huge government programs with a great degree of skepticism.

My young reporter ends his argument with the following:

“For you high school...starry-eyed misfits who are questioning if climate change is real…Stop listening to your parents and the pundits they cherish on Fox News”

This is where the argument becomes especially dangerous. Liberal teachers and their activist friends have infested the brains of our youth with this fearful agenda. Then they tell them not to question their science.

The left shows no respect for those who question their wisdom. They demean and disparage anyone who attempts to advance a question or a challenge. That alone should be a red flag for all of us to question the motives of the proponents and seek out those who are not convinced. 

Johnson blames President Trump for failing to eliminate the influence of corporate money in Washington. The naiveté of that charge is breathtaking. 

It is true that most people voted for Trump hoping he would change the politics of Washington D.C., but expecting him to waive a magic wand in his few short months in office and cure the corruption of 40 plus years is humanly impossible. 

Trump has made a good start. He needs to fire a few more people and shut down a few agencies but his work at draining the swamp has only just begun, but that’s a column for another day.

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