Chelan to Africa: Ellingson, Leigh travel to Lesotho

A toddler we'll call "Nolo" opens wide for the nourishing spoonful of papa, a maize porridge, Dr. Amy Ellingson offers. Courtesy Touching Tiny Lives Foundation

CHELAN- In the photo, we see that the party of the summer is important. The "Chelan to Africa" fundraiser at Benson Vineyards and Winery last August grossed over $38,000.
As the Kevin Jones Band music wafted over the soft summer air, generous residents and visitors made donations to support Thrive Chelan Valley and the  Touching Tiny Lives Foundation.
Dr. Amy Ellingson, one of the medical directors of TTLF, and realtor Diane Leigh recently returned from a self-supported trip to Lesotho. This small kingdom, about the size of the state of Maryland, is completely surrounded by the nation of South Africa. It is the only country to lie above 1000 meters elevation, over a mile high.
The main objective of their trip was to see if the $11,000 donated from TTLF for a new school was being used. They were surprised to see the new rural school in Phutha was almost ready to open, new, clean, well supplied and heated by a solar-powered space heater.
The NCW emissaries also visited the Safe House at Mokhotlong, where 18 volunteers care for babies and toddlers needing medical care and better nutrition. As these little lives grow and thrive they are returned to the care of their families, and other tiny lives in jeopardy arrive for care.
Ellingson and Leigh emphasized how valuable the funds from the popular "Chelan to Africa" event are for the children of Lesotho and other countries in "our global community".
Thrive Chelan Valley, TTLF and other community volunteers will soon begin to plan Chelan to Africa 2023.
To donate go to: or mail your donation to: The Tiny Lives Foundation, 1550 Larimer St. Suite 1068. Denver, CO 80202

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