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Chelan boys basketball falls to Quincy in CTL clash


QUINCY - In a pivotal Caribou Trail League (CTL) match, the Chelan boys basketball team faced a setback, losing 68-53 to Quincy on Thursday, Jan. 18. The defeat at Quincy pushed Chelan to a 12-4 overall record, positioning them second in the CTL with a 6-3 league mark. Quincy, maintaining their lead, stands at 9-1.

Chelan's performance was bolstered by Isaac Wilson with 12 points, Luca Faletto scoring 11, and Kellen Reinhart contributing 10. Despite their efforts, the team couldn't match Quincy's momentum.

The quarter scoring painted a picture of the game's flow:

- Chelan: 11, 13, 14, 15 (Total: 53)

- Quincy: 17, 21, 16, 14 (Total: 68)

Coach Callero praised Reinhart's defensive effort against Quincy's top player, Aidan Bews, last year's league MVP. "Kellen’s hard work in practice really showed. Bews only made one shot the entire second half, and that was with Caden on the bench in foul trouble," Callero noted.

Chelan displayed proficiency from beyond the arc, sinking seven three-pointers compared to Quincy's five. However, Quincy's offensive prowess, coming off a 100-point performance in their last game, posed a significant challenge. "Quincy is an offensively gifted team. The boys did a great job not allowing a single player to make more than one three-point shot," Callero said, acknowledging Quincy's balanced scoring threat.


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