Friday, February 23, 2024

Citizens and the quality of our Lake Chelan waters should be protected


The public will be given an additional comment period concerning the Notice of Application for the Holiday Hills  proposed development and subdivision. If you are  unaware of where Holiday Hills is located, it is the  property that stretches between Slidewaters eastward  towards Chelan High School/Middle School on the lower  portion of the Butte. 

Most of the property was old orchard  when lead arsenic was used for pest control. There has  already been one site confirmed and listed with the  Department of Ecology to be above clean up levels for lead arsenic contamination located on the 84+ acres. In  Washington state, The Model Toxics Control Act requires  the reporting, study and cleanup of sites where hazardous  substances are above state set cleanup levels. 

The City of  Chelan, as the lead SEPA agency, should require  further testing for lead arsenic contamination on all of the Holiday Hills proposed development to determine the  levels of contamination. With this information they couldthen choose which method is best to require how to  mitigate the lead arsenic levels in the soil. This is important due to the amount of grading, excavation, and construction proposed for the Holiday Hills development. 

It is imperative to know which mitigating procedures must be used depending on the levels of lead arsenic found on the site. Wind and water runoff can carry the contaminates once they are mobilized due to grading and  excavation. 

Our citizens and the quality of our Lake Chelan waters should be protected, and requiring testing  of the soils is a good start! There are many other potential  impacts this proposed development will have on the  community of Chelan, the infrastructures, businesses, etc. 

The Planning Department of Chelan has information, including descriptions, maps, and previous letters and  comments from an earlier comment period that is  available to the public. Please use this comment period to voice your concerns, comments, etc. It is important that  our planning department and elected officials hear and  know how the citizens of Chelan want to see our  community grow. 

We all can make a difference.  

Please submit your letters and comments by 5 p.m. on Wednesday the 21st of March to the City of Chelan, Department of Planning & Community Development, P.O.Box 1669 Chelan, Wa. 98816 


Evie Hirschberger,



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