Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Community meetings to discuss future of Chelan Butte Trails


CHELAN - The Lake Chelan Trails Alliance is inviting the public to attend two community meetings this spring to discuss the future of the Chelan Butte and show support for its trails. The meetings will be held at the Chelan Senior Center, located at 534 Trow Avenue, on Thursday, April 4, and Thursday, May 9, both at 7 p.m.

Chelan Butte, an iconic landmark in the Lake Chelan Valley, offers recreational opportunities for both residents and visitors. However, nearly 900 acres in the middle of the Butte are privately owned by a single entity. The Trust for Public Land (TPL) is currently conducting a feasibility study to assess potential public acquisition options for the preservation of the Butte. The TPL aims to capture the values and uses that the Chelan community envisions for the Butte, ensuring that the study reflects the community's long-term desires.

The goals of the Feasibility Study include:

  1. Detailing a vision for public use of the Butte
  2. Determining a feasible ownership structure
  3. Identifying financing options for both the purchase and ongoing maintenance of an open space area on the Butte

The upcoming meetings will provide an update on the progress of the study, solicit input from the community on how they would like to see the open space on the Chelan Butte utilized, and review potential funding mechanisms for this project.

The Lake Chelan Trails Alliance encourages all interested individuals to attend one or both of these meetings to show their support for the future of the Chelan Butte trails.


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