Thursday, April 18, 2024

Council Candidate for the City of Chelan Terry Sanders



1. What motivated you to run for City Council, and what do you hope to achieve during your Term?

My motivation to run for City Council stems from a genuine passion for the Lake Chelan Valley. I hope to contribute to a city that is prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable for generations to come. During my term, I will work tirelessly to enhance the quality of life for our residents, maintain our unique character, and address the pressing issues that we face.

2. Can you share your background and qualifications that make you well-suited for this


Named one of Wenatchee Valley Business Journals 30 most influential under 35, my background includes years of working in public education, athletics, community involvement, commercial construction, economics, and leadership roles in local organizations. I am a Central Washington graduate and hold a Masters of Science in curriculum and instruction, as well as a Washington State Principal licensure from Gonzaga University. I serve as Principal of Chelan School of Innovation, our project-based learning high school in the Chelan Valley. I bring a diverse skill set, from strategic planning to fiscal responsibility, that makes me well-suited for this role. My experience has taught me the value of collaboration and listening to all voices in our community.

3. Chelan has its unique set of challenges and opportunities. What do you see as the most pressing issues facing the city, and how do you plan to address them?

Chelan faces both challenges and opportunities. Our most pressing issues include responsible growth management, affordable housing, and environmental conservation. I plan to address these challenges by working closely with fellow Council members, city staff, and residents to develop comprehensive solutions that reflect our unique needs.

4. How will you work collaboratively with other City Council members to make decisions that benefit the community?

Collaboration is at the heart of effective governance. I am committed to working harmoniously with our city staff, our Mayor, fellow City Council, and community members, respecting diverse viewpoints, and making decisions that benefit our community as a whole.

5. What role do you see technology and innovation playing in the future development of


Technology and innovation are key to Chelan's future development. I envision leveraging modern tools to improve city services, enhance transparency, and streamline processes for the benefit of our residents and businesses.

6. Chelan is known for its natural beauty and tourism. How do you envision balancing the

needs of residents with those of visitors and the local economy?

Maintaining a balance between residents, visitors, and our local economy is crucial. I believe in sustainable tourism practices that respect our environment and allow for our local residents to benefit at the forefront.

7. Transparency and public engagement are essential in local government. How do you

plan to involve the community in decision-making processes?

I am committed to transparency and public engagement. I will actively seek out input and perspectives from a wide variety of community members to inform decision-making.

8. Chelan’s growth and development are ongoing. What strategies do you have in mind to

ensure sustainable and responsible growth for the city?

To ensure Chelan's growth is sustainable and responsible, I will advocate for smart development strategies, infrastructure improvements, and environmentally conscious policies. Our city's growth should align with our values and vision and should be informed through quantitative and qualitative data.

9. Are there any specific initiatives or projects you would like to champion during your time in Office?

I plan to champion initiatives that prioritize education, healthcare, and small business support, as well as efforts to strengthen our sense of community through cultural and recreational programs.

10. How can residents of Chelan get involved and support your efforts as their City Council Member?

Your support is invaluable. I encourage residents to get involved by attending council meetings, sharing your insights, and volunteering in local initiatives.

11. Lastly, what message would you like to convey to the residents of Chelan as you embark on your role as a city council member?

As a City Council member, I promise to be a dedicated advocate for our community and work to find creative solutions to our challenges. Your trust and support mean the world to me, and I am eager to serve you with integrity and transparency.


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