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County Commissioners proclaim Volleyball State Champions Day


CHELAN – County Commissioners Tiffany Gering, Kevin Overbay, ands Shon Smith honored the reigning 1A state champion Goats’ varsity girls’ volleyball team at a special presentation in the Chelan High School Performance Hall last Friday, Dec. 15.

Commissioner Gering read a proclamation designating the day “Volleyball State Champions Day,” honoring not only the Chelan team but the 2B state champion Manson Trojans and 4A Wenatchee Panthers volleyball teams that won half of the six state championship divisions this year.

The proclamation recognized Chelan’s four consecutive state titles, Manson’s first-ever state title in any sport, and Wenatchee’s first state volleyball championship in 40 years.

“I am a father of daughters,” said Overbay, “so I know how important female athletics are.” 

Smith said that he also is the father of daughters, one of whom plays volleyball.

“You’re doing the same that thing we do on your level,” said Smith, “which representing our community.”

Gering added her own perspective as commissioner to the occasion.

“I sit at a lot of tables with older white men,” said Gering. “To be able to recognize women who are leaders is so incredible. Gering also presented a plaque of the proclamation to coach Abby Lewellen.

Overbay informed the team that the Commissioners also had something for each of the players, a challenge coin that the Commissioners present for special occasions, dedicated service, or acts above and beyond.

The challenge coin dates from Roman times when the special coins were minted and presented to victorious soldiers.


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