Sunday, July 21, 2024
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Embracing the spirit of community

A journey of shared stories and achievements


As we stand at the threshold of a new and promising year, I am humbled by the unwavering support and unwavering dedication of all those who have been integral to the Lake Chelan Mirror. With immense gratitude, I extend my heartfelt appreciation to each individual who has lent their support and contributed to the rich tapestry of narratives that define our publication. Your stories, perspectives, and unwavering commitment have been the bedrock of our success, and we are sincerely thankful for that.

Since assuming the stewardship of the Lake Chelan Mirror in August  2023, our team has embarked on an ambitious journey aimed at elevating the quality and relevance of our content. We have taken deliberate steps to enhance the depth and breadth of our storytelling, striving to craft a publication that resonates deeply with our readers. Throughout this transformative period, we hope our readers have noticed and appreciated the positive changes that have graced our pages. Your invaluable feedback and active engagement remain pivotal as we endeavor to tailor our offerings to align more closely with your evolving interests and aspirations.

A cornerstone of our renewed editorial vision has been the passionate dedication to spotlighting our community's vibrancy, resilience, and myriad achievements. Our publication has stood as a beacon, illuminating milestones that celebrate the triumphs of remarkable individuals, noteworthy recognitions, and the uplifting initiatives undertaken by various groups. Through your generous contributions, we have had the privilege of shining a spotlight on the extraordinary accomplishments that enrich our community. Your stories serve as an inspiration, ensuring that the deserved recognition of these achievements resonates deeply within the hearts and minds of our readers.

As we embark upon this new chapter, I ask you to continue sharing your stories, milestones, and updates with us. Your contributions are the lifeblood that propels the Lake Chelan Mirror, transforming it into an authentic reflection of our vibrant community. Together, let us persist in highlighting the achievements, successes, and profound spirit that defines our remarkable community.

Each narrative shared with us serves as a thread, intricately weaving the fabric of our community, connecting individuals, and inspiring others to aspire for greatness. Your contributions infuse vibrancy into our pages, serving not just as stories but as catalysts that inspire and resonate with our readership on a profound level.

Our heartfelt gratitude extends to each individual who has entrusted us with their stories. We eagerly anticipate the privilege of continuing to showcase more of your triumphs, experiences, and the boundless spirit that epitomizes the essence of our community within the pages of the Lake Chelan Mirror.

Terry Ward is the CEO of Ward Media and the publisher of the Cashmere Valley Record, Lake Chelan Mirror, The Leavenworth Echo, Quad City Herald, and the Wenatchee Business Journal. He can be reached at


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