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Fact Check: COVID19 policies and the vaccine

A conversation on current events

I opened my email this morning to read an article by none other than the New York Times regarding the wisdom of “coronavirus absolutism.” Their lead on the article is:

In a public health emergency, absolutism is a very tempting response: People should cease all behavior that creates additional risk.

That instinct led to calls for gay men to stop having sex during the AIDS crisis. It has also spurred campaigns for teen abstinence, to reduce sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies. And to fight obesity, people have been drawn to fads like the elimination of trans fats or carbohydrates.

These days, there is a new absolutist health fad: the discouragement — or even prohibition — of any behavior that seems to increase the risk of coronavirus infection, even minutely.”


The NYT article goes on to question the effectiveness of wearing masks outdoors, making the point that “Worldwide scientists have not documented any instances of outdoor transmission unless people were in close conversation.”


It seems that now that the election is over the highly liberal NYT is ready to question the efficacity of lockdowns, closing schools and wearing masks. Movements have begun in New York and California to remove the governors there for abuse of their emergency powers that have not effectively reduced the spread of the virus or reduced the death rates.


Our own governor, Jay Inslee, is now approving relaxation of his restrictive phase programs. North Central Washington was just approved to move to phase 2 even though our region is not even close to obtaining his goal of 25 cases per 100,000 population.


The current official position of most of the Health Care industry and the government is that we must continue to wear masks and self-isolate until the bulk of our society is vaccinated against the virus. In words just coined by the NYT we must continue to follow the practice of coronavirus absolutism. Any information that runs contrary or critical of that position must be crushed. It must be declared unscientific and a commitment to accept more deaths as the inevitable result of non-compliance.


There are of course other voices in this battle. One such voice is Dr. Simone Gold. Gold is a board certified, emergency room doctor and attorney. Dr. Gold is a Chicago Medical School graduate with a Stanford University Law School Degree. She completed her residency at Stony Brook University Hospital in New York. She has written a book on her fight against the medical cancel culture titled, I Do Not Consent. She founded an organization named, America’s Frontline Doctors. You can find more information on her organization at


Dr. Gold takes exception to the current policies of how best to address treatment of COVID19. She believes decisions about how best to treat a patient with COVID should be left to the patient’s individual physician. Dr. Gold does say that it is blatantly false to say there are no effective treatments for COVID patients. She is highly suspicious of the “vaccines” which she describes as Experimental Biological Agents.


It should come as no surprise that for her opposition to the official positions of the Medical establishment Dr. Gold has been severely punished. She has been fired by two of the hospitals where she practiced medicine for 20 years. The reason was she prescribed Hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID patients.


Dr. Gold clearly states it is a lie to say there are no treatments for COVID19. Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin have both been shown to be effective treatments. Hydroxychloroquine has been an FDA approved drug for 65 years. In much of the World it does not even require a prescription. It is available over the counter.


Many will remember that President Trump was treated with these drugs when he tested positive and recovered quickly.


Before you dismiss Dr. Gold as a crackpot non-conformist you might want to hear her position on COVID and the medical professions response.


Dr. Gold says that the way the government and medical agencies have responded to this virus is nothing short of a crime against humanity. She points out that there is a physician in the Netherlands that is bringing a lawsuit in the Hague claiming just that.


Dr. Gold says the worst thing about the current disinformation about COVID19 is the level of fear that has been spread across the country and the globe about this virus. The fact is what are the chances that if you contract the disease you will die? She says, if you are under 20 your survive ability is 99.97%; for 20 – 49 year olds the survive ability is 99.98%; 50 – 69 is 99.5%; over 70 your survival rate approaches 95% with no treatment. The dirty little secret here according to Dr. Simone is that if you take early treatment the symptoms are mild and you can recover quickly.


Dr. Gold points out that the truth is people over 70 are already approaching the end of their lives. Most have other co-morbidities that already compromise their health so it is true that COVID19 can be the final condition that ends their life. It’s tragic but many older people die of simple things like a common cold or pneumonia. She once had an elderly patient that died of a nosebleed.


Dr. Gold has reservations about the “vaccine” which she likes to call an Experimental Biological Agent. She believes it was rushed through too quickly and not adequately tested. She points out that a previous COVID vaccine was developed for SARs-1, which is 78% similar to COVID19. They are both “COVID” viruses. To date there are 7 identified COVID viruses according to Dr. Gold, none of which have an effective vaccine. She includes the common cold in the list of COVID type viruses. The SARS-1 vaccine was never released after animal testing found it didn’t work.


Dr. Gold raises two concerns about the current vaccine. The first is she has a concern about the vaccines effect on human reproduction. She points out that two doctors in Europe have raised concerns about how the drug impacts the placenta. This issue is not totally clear. Even Dr. Gold admits that it is one of those questions that we don’t know what we don’t know yet. The CDC says there is no risk although they admit that they have detected some cell modification on the outside lining of the placenta. The new vaccines make it appear as though you are permanently infected with COVID19 and no one is sure about how that will affect future pregnancies.


Her second concern is related to the issue of liability protection for the manufacturers of the vaccine. Dr. Gold says it is not that she believes they don’t care but that they are less likely to be as careful with their testing and release of the drug as they would be if they could be held liable.


America’s Front Line Doctors make the following recommendations regarding the taking of the current vaccines:


  1. If you are under age 20 the Experimental Vaccine is prohibited. Their reasoning is we do not know the long-term effects on fertility and we do know this virus does not really affect young people.

  2. From age 20 – 50 if you are healthy they strongly discourage taking the vaccine.. They discourage the taking of the drug because of the low risk of death to this group and the unknown risks of causing problems from auto-immune disease and an unknown risk of lifelong infertility.

  3. If you are age 50 – 70 and in otherwise good health AFLDS strongly discourages taking the “vaccine.” If you are 50 – 70 with other co-morbidities they still discourage use of the drug as they believe the use of other treatments like hydroxychloroquine are available.

  4. Over age 70 and above it is based on your own personal risk assessment. If you are otherwise healthy they discourage taking the vaccine. If you have other comorbidities, they still discourage it but recognize it is a personal call based on your individual situation.


In the interest of full disclosure, The CDC, FDA, and a most government agencies do not agree with Dr. Gold or America’s Front Line Doctors. Dr. Gold has been de-listed from Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. You can view one of her videos on Rumble. Just enter on your browser. We will also put up the link on our website along with this story. You can also find more information at


Finally, it is important to note that Dr. Gold was arrested last week for being one of the people who entered the Capitol Building on Jan 6. She was not accused of supporting the violence. She was simply charged with unlawfully entering a restricted area.


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