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Fastest growing sport brings fast-paced fun


MANSON – Pickleball enthusiasts gathered at Wapato Point Resort for the 2023 Shake and Bake Pickleball Tournament on the Lake Oct. 6-8. This event was fully Round-Robin format and hosted playoffs for bronze, silver, and gold medals.

Overall results are as follows: 



Mens Doubles Skill: (3.0 And Under) Age: (Any)

GOLD: Keith Lashley & Gordon Capretto

SILVER: Robert Bordner & Scott Hutchinson

BRONZE: Seth Hardin & Don Lillehaug

Mens Doubles Skill: (3.5) Age: (19 To 39)

GOLD: Tom Robinson & Matt Robinson

SILVER: Brian Baggett & Dave Musgrave

BRONZE: David Bond & Michael Larson

Mens Doubles Skill: (3.5) Age: (40 And Above)

GOLD: Tom King & Mike Perry

SILVER: Keith Mourer & Chris Melton

BRONZE: Daniel Spino & Don Sorensen

Mens Doubles Skill: (4.0 And Above) Age: (Any)

GOLD: Scott Glowaski & Levon Yengoyan

SILVER: Dave Bille & Jeff Hamer

BRONZE: Waylon Marshall & Colton Marshall


Mens Singles Skill: (Any) Age: (19 To 49)

GOLD: Dave Musgrave

SILVER: Jack Goldberg

BRONZE: Chris Melton

Mens Singles Skill: (Any) Age: (50 To 57)

GOLD: Dave Bille

SILVER: Mike Perry

BRONZE: Keith Mourerith Mourer

Mens Singles Skill: (Any) Age: (58 And Above)

GOLD: Rod Anderson

SILVER: Malik Amjad

BRONZE:  Christopher Stockholm


Mixed Doubles Skill: (3.0 And Under) Age: (Any)

GOLD: Amy Hart & Adam Koczarski

SILVER: Maija Sorensen & Don Sorensen

BRONZE: Kathleen Sorenson & Scott Hutchinson

Mixed Doubles Skill: (3.5) Age: (Any)

GOLD: Diane Barnes & Keith Mourer

SILVER: Baylee Marshall & Colton Marshall

BRONZE: Debbie Hingston & Phil Hingston

Mixed Doubles Skill: (4.0 And Above) Age: (Any)

GOLD: Carol Van Dyken & Levon Yengoyan

SILVER: Kelley Kanehen & Scott Glowaski

BRONZE: Dianne Harris & Dave Bille


Womens Doubles Skill: (3.0 And Under) Age: (Any)

GOLD: Katie Wells & Sara Wells

SILVER: Kristin Newberry & Kim Johnson

BRONZE: Brooke Stuart & Keala Hopps

Womens Doubles Skill: (3.5 And Above) Age: (Any)

GOLD: Allison Risa & Amy Hart

SILVER: Carol Van Dyken & Kelley Kanehen

BRONZE: Carol Bowers & Diane Barnes


Womens Singles Skill: (Any) Age: (Any)

GOLD: Allison Risa

SILVER: Amy Hart

BRONZE: Maija Sorensen

For more comprehensive results and upcoming tournament information, please visit .

Katie Lindert: 509-731-3211 or



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