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Four unique holiday gifts the recipient will thank you for later


The holiday shopping season is here. What do you give a loved one to show them just how much you care? It’s time to think outside the box. Here are four presents you can give to special young people in your life now that they may not appreciate in the moment but will thank you for later.
1. Savings bonds. This is the gift that keeps adding in value. Savings bonds can be purchased for as little as $25 and their value grows over time with interest and as the bond matures. Considered one of the most reliable ways to grow wealth over time, you’ll be guaranteeing recipients are able to help fund the important things they want later in life, such as that new car, their college education, first house, wedding or honeymoon.
2. Life insurance. This is probably the last thing on a young person’s list of wishes but buying a life insurance policy now when they’re young and healthy will ensure coverage later in life when they may not be insurable. Having a life insurance policy through Erie Insurance with a Guaranteed Insurability Option rider (GIO) can bring peace of mind that kids, or grandkids, are covered should they develop a life threatening condition. A policy is an affordable way to protect loved ones and help them pay off debts, living expenses and even medical bills. To learn more about life insurance, contact your agent or visit
3. 529 plan. Anyone who wants to save for a child’s education can open or gift money to an existing 529 plan account. The best part is the contributions grow tax free and can be used for K-12 tuition, college expenses and even student loan repayments.
4. T-shirt quilt. For more of a sentimental gift, gather all your kids’ old sports or other event t-shirts and turn them into a quilt. They may not love it today as much as they would the hottest gadget, but they’ll treasure the memories as time goes on.
“As you look for that perfect gift, don’t overlook presents that have long-term benefits,” said Louis Colaizzo, senior vice president and division officer of Erie Family Life, Erie Insurance. “Life insurance, along with savings bonds and 529 plans, can put your kids on the path to financial security.”
Avoid the holiday crowds at the stores this year and channel your money into a gift your loved ones will truly appreciate for years to come.


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