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Help Paulie the Pulverizer celebrate her 1st birthday on Saturday, July 23

CHELAN - Lake Chelan Rotary’s 911 Glass Rescue will be holding Paulie the Pulverizer’s one-year birthday party on Saturday, July 23 from 9 a.m. to Noon at the Chelan Recycle Center. (Paulie is a big girl, so you will have to come to her to offer your best wishes.) It is hard to believe that Paulie has been faithfully crushing the Valley’s glass for a whole year. She has now helped us to rescue a whopping 250,000 pounds of glass from the landfill; glass that has a new life as sand and aggregate (pictured) being utilized in a myriad of local applications. It seems the uses for our glass sand and aggregate are as unlimited as the human imagination! Paulie’s crushed glass graces trails and walkways throughout our community, does double-duty in gardens as a high-quality mulch, weed barrier and pest repellant, has grown huge, beautiful tomatoes in hydroponic applications, provided traction in Winter when local vendors ran out of ice melt, and much, much more. Come by the party to see photographic examples of some of the beautiful applications of Paulie’s progeny throughout our community. And purchase some to use in your own creative application.
Paulie could not have done it alone, though. Thanks to the many sponsors, volunteers, and supporters who have wholeheartedly embraced 911 Glass Rescue, we have exceeded our year one goal of 100 tons and made this project a model for what one determined community can do to save our environment. Without the financial support of local wineries and other businesses, as well as our partnership with the City of Chelan and a generous grant from the Chelan County, Paulie would be serving some other community today, and local glass would still be going to the dump. And without our valued volunteers, Paulie would not have been fed all that glass to munch. This has truly been a community project, and it continues to grow, with record volumes and more and more interest from within and without our Valley.
Thanks to Paulie and all our supporters, 911 Glass Rescue has set the standard for community glass recycling. We regularly receive inquiries from around the Country, as other municipalities look for solutions to the problem of glass recycling. Here in the Chelan Valley, we have solved it!
Happy Birthday, Paulie! You’re CRUSHING IT!


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