Friday, February 23, 2024

Liberals screaming shut down ICE, while ignoring corruption at FBI


Last week I pointed out that this entire drama over separating children from their parents was just a political smokescreen to avoid the real scandal involving the top echelons of our government.

Watching the opening of the Congressional testimony of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein only confirms to me the depth of the problem in Washington. From the very beginning of the hearing

Congressional Democrats protested the hearings. Democrat Representative Jerrold Nadler saying, “when President Trump ... was ripping children out of the arms of their mothers ... where was the emergency hearing on that issue?”

The reality is Democrats are growing increasingly concerned that tolerance for abuse of American citizens under their watch is gaining strength and could ultimately spell disaster for their hoped for “Blue wave” in the midterms.

Let’s review. The Inspector General confirmed that Hillary Clinton exercised gross negligence in her handling of classified information during her term as Secretary of State. Other American citizens have gone to jail for their careless handling of classified documents.

Justice is supposed to be blind and equally applied to all citizens. Politicians and government employees aren’t entitled to a “get out of jail free” card because they hold a high political office. American citizens are not their subjects. American citizens are their bosses and they owe their jobs and their allegiance to the American citizens.

Clinton supporters wanted her to be the first woman President. Much like they wanted Obama to be the first black President. Trouble is those are not the primary qualifications for holding the top job in the country.

Many of the supporters of Hillary and Obama were willing to look the other way when issues were raised about their qualifications. And let’s be honest, Republicans did not elect an opponent to run against President Obama that had commandingly better qualifications.

The Republican candidates may have had more experience in the operation of our government, but they demonstrated little or no leadership. They were either unwilling or unable to confront Obama on his proposals to insure all Americans for $2,500 less than they were paying for insurance through the private market.

It is troubling that members of the FBI were providing cover for Hillary during the campaign. It is true that they have the right to vote for whomever they choose to support personally, but when their efforts cross over the line of failing to prosecute someone who has committed a crime because “she might be our new boss.” They have tipped the scales of justice.

Add to that the fact that they were so personally repulsed by the Republican choice that they were willing to take steps to defeat him by attacking his character with untrue stories of his depravity.

Failing at that they engaged in unreasonable and illegal search activities in a effort to find out if he was guilty of a crime, any crime, so they could push for his impeachment.

Now Democrats are clinging to the story of ripping children from their mother’s arms in an effort to build resistance to President Trump. They are calling for the elimination of ICE – Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency. In other words, they want to remove any effort to enforce our borders.

During his testimony before Congress Rosenstein said he was not personally responsible for the actions of the individual agents under him. If that is the case, it is clear he did not exercise any supervision of his staff. Proving once again that in government service no one is accountable for the work they do.

We are witnessing the worst scandal of our history. When will the insanity of the far left end?

I have said for decades that term limits are within the power of the electorate. In other words, if they are in - vote them out. In most cases we won’t be any worse off.


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