Thursday, February 22, 2024

Manson Grange receives funding for Capital Improvement Initiative


MANSON - On October 6, the Lake Chelan Community Service Council (LCCSC) presented a gift of $2,000 to the Manson Grange’s “Capital Improvement Initiative”, directed for remodeling of the Grange Hall. Debbie Conwell, speaking for the Capital Improvement Initiative Committee said, “This vision started with a need, a historic commitment to community and an opportunity.  The potential for the Manson and Chelan communities to utilize the grange is tremendous.”

The LCCSC was organized in the 1960's to provide meals, childcare, transportation, housekeeping, and other services to people in need in our community. The Council was incorporated in 1976, as a community-based public nonprofit with its mission to help other Lake Chelan Valley nonprofit organizations fulfill their missions. Mary Murphy, Secretary of LCCSC stated, "The Lake Chelan Community Services Council members recognize the critical importance of the Manson Grange and its activities to the quality of life in Chelan Valley. The Council wanted to support the goal of renovating the Grange facility for community benefit now and in the future. We were happy to apply part of a grant from the Community Foundation of NCW to help make this donation happen. We hope other folks will also want to be part of this wonderful project."

Over the past couple of years, many dedicated people have taken on leadership roles to grow the Manson Grange and thanks go out to each one. The Rental Committee reorganized and streamlined the process of renting the Grange Hall. A partnership was formed with the Manson Parks and Recreation, bringing Zumba and Line Dancing classes to the Grange. This partnership plans to add additional adult activities to the Grange Hall. A Youth Fairs program began in January 2023 and is open to youth ages 5 to 19.

“The Capital Improvement Initiative Committee held its first meeting in early 2023. Committee members included Phyllis Coleman, Christine Olsen, Terrie Carleton, Larry Hibbard, and Debbie Conwell. The purpose of the Committee was to develop a plan, with a timeline that would locate funding to renovate the 75-year-old Manson Grange Hall. “We are so excited for the potential use of this building.  Our goal is to make the Grange relevant with programs and events for the community and to continue to support the Grange legacy.  We are very thankful for the LCCSC support.  They have provided the knowledge, experience, and resources to help us take this project to the next level”,  said Debbie Conwell.

If you would like more information on how you can help, contact

You can visit the Manson Grange website at or attend the Manson Grange monthly meeting on the fouth Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at the Grange Hall.



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